I’m interested in synchronicity and whether or not – as Jung maintained – it is meaningful – or it is pure coincidence. I think that the Internet enables synchronicity – the greater the amount of available information then the greater the chance of finding links you can impose meaning on. I’m cynical. Belief is personal – we believe in what has resonance; universal truths are hard to quantify. But here is a trail that nevertheless intrigued me.

I hear about the tv series The Wire. I don’t know anything about it but it sounds good. I check my daily rss feeds. I follow a link about learning new skills in elearning technology. I notice an Edublog Winner logo so I revisit the Winners 2007 page. I scan over the 14 blog links; I’m drawn to best new blog winner and it’s title dy/dan – there is no additional information – I’m intrigued by what it doesn’t tell me – I find an interesting alternative blog mixture of video and podcast – I scan down looking for text (I’m in a rush – I don’t want to watch or listen) and I see a link called The Truest Thing I’ve Ever Watched Or Written. Again, I’m intrigued – and this link it takes me to a post all about – The Wire!

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