learning in a single dimension

Feedback on TMA1 is the first ‘real’ contact I’ve had with my OU tutor but I’ve no idea how others have done on this assignment. There is nothing with which to compare my own progress. I’m still experiencing the absence of a virtual dimension to my learning as a loss rather than a gain. I miss the sense of cohort with other students and without the motivation to log onto my learning area to see who has posted what on the discussion board, it’s much harder to coerce myself into picking up the book and engaging with the content. The paradox is online submission and electronic marking of assignments. I still need to word process my assessed work and log onto the OU site, where there is a module entitled D863 Identity in Question but with no content behind it. The value of this traditional distance unit is that it clearly demonstrates the benefits of a virtual learning environment. Isolated at home with my study materials is a single dimension experience. Previous units involving assessed online activities and contributions, not to mention the camaraderie and support of fellow students, added a multi dimensional aspect to learning which should never be underestimated.

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