Sing Jerusalem naked!

What difference would having the Internet have made to Feminist politics in the 1970s? In 2010, online feminist activity is encouraging libratory action; designed to creative a positive self image and sisterly solidarity. Make Your Own Herstory  is a website set up by self-confessed activist Nic Green, creator of Trilogy, feminist theatre involving naked female bodies that is allegedly so inspiring audiences have stripped naked for the final rendering of Jerusalem. I think that’s carrying audience participation a bit far but an alternative is proposed on the MYOH website were you are invited to take a camera outside, remove your clothes, sing Jerusalem and then upload the video.

Sounds like virtual feminism has arrived.

2 Replies to “Sing Jerusalem naked!”

  1. What a petty, post-modernist jaded little article.

    I’ve seen the show and it was utterly beautiful and inspiring.

    They workshop ideas about female beauty and the pressure of sterotypes before the performances and have discussion groups after. The women who are involved range in ages, weight and attractiveness and all shine with solidarity and sisterhood, and in addition a newfound confidence in being a woman whatever they look like – which makes us more of a unified force.

    The naked Jerusalem was a nod of respect to the women of yore, and a light hearted act of joy and unity. Slinging pointless sarcasm isn’t constructive to any movement and does you no credit as a person.

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