Read this and be warned…

I hate the torch icon. Especially when it shines its light from side to side in what the designers must have imagined looked like hopeful anticipation. Windows is searching for a copy of this document. To locate the file yourself click Browse. Why bother; the Missing Shortcut menu is always bad news. I’ve been using computers for longer than I care to remember. Over the years I’ve made a few mistakes. But it’s been a long since I lost a document. Yes I did name and save it to a folder on my hard drive. Yes I did regularly press save throughout the seven hours I spent working on it. No I didn’t get any error messages. Yes it did close down nicely without any problems. And then promptly disappeared. Like being swallowed by a black hole inside my laptop. I suspect the chances of this happening increase in direct proportion to the importance of the file – in this case my OU assignment.  So don’t just save, make a back up copy. On a cd. On a data stick. Your computer isn’t to be trusted. It’s not your friend. It doesn’t like you. It has a mind of its own and is not afraid to use it. Read this and be warned….

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  1. Thanks Nick – DropBox now installed
    Hi Karin – I didn’t enjoy learning that lesson one little bit 😉

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