Do a MOOC this Christmas.

Do a MOOC. The experience of the loneliness of the long distance learner is one of the best staff development activities for teaching and learning in a digital age.  There are multiple options to choose from (see previous blog posts) and Udacity have five useful tips for getting the best out of any online learning experience. There are no surprises here but they do reinforce the need for strategic approaches to virtual learning and how social networks really can offer viable alternatives to face to face collegial support on campus.

Inevitably MOOCs are bringing with them a new language for learning. In Five Steps to Success in a MOOC David Cormier recommends participants Orient, Declare, Network, Focus and Cluster.  Again, this emphasises the value of using social networking tools to find and engage with like minded people and create online communities of practice. Here is the power of the internet in action with real potential for offering alternative access to teaching and learning opportunities.

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