The automation of shopping – or why every apple has a sticker…

Stickers on apples are annoying and un-organic. They don’t decompose and sit in landfill sites for ever. As if the perfect shape and wax coated skin was not evidence enough of human interference in a natural process, they have to have a sticker on too! 

Why does every apple have a sticker? Once you know it’s obvious – but I didn’t  

It’s about the automation of shopping. About user-managed self-service checkouts with only one apple type on the screen. If you have a different apple then key in the user code which is on the label. Simples.

At 6.00 in Asda his morning there were no check-outs operating only the self service ones. How much money does Asda save by automating the shopping process? It still needs the human on hand to sort out issues but one person manages multiple self-service stations. This is the automation of shopping. DIY. Or don’t do it at all.

Is this also the future of the VLE? Choose your course, work through the onscreen instructions, interact where required, pay and walk away with the product.



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