Information overload

Too much can be as bad as not enough – and the internet is the epitome of excess – too much to read – too many people – all posting, commenting, collaborating. Virtual working is fine in theory but the amount to do and the time you allocate never quite match up.

I’m increasingly uncomfortable with notions I used to support – such as Surowiecki’s ‘wisdom of crowds’ and O’Reilly’s ‘the more you use it the better it gets‘ advocacy of Web 2.0. Berner’s Lee vision of the internet was an ‘interactive’ community but did he underestimate the sheer volume of information ‘out there’ and the need for appropriate tools to manage it – and personal coping strategies for keeping abreast of the digital world while still having an analogue life.

Information overload is only ever a click away and here I am – adding to the proliferation with yet another blog – even more links…

I’m going to use this blog to investigate tools for managing my virtual life. As they used to say – watch this space – only now its more likely to be digg me or subscribe to my feed.


Sue Watling

Welcome to my area – I’m Sue Watling and this is where I’m going to look at Web 2.0 tools and the virtual world of Second Life.

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